We're friends, right? Maybe our rewards system will help with that. It's pretty simple: each dollar spent earns you one point. The more times you're here, the more you'll get points, and be able to redeem them for awesome discounts. 

Here's the Reward Point breakdown:

  • 375 points = scalp care treatment ADD on

  • 450 points = $30 off retail purchase

  • 700 points = men's haircut

  • 1000 points = women's haircut

  • 2500 points = professional flat iron

  • 2800 points = professional curling wand

Referral Reward Program

Point System not enough? We also have our Referral Reward Program! It is not applicable to be combined with the point system but it does have its own special perks! Here is the step by step!

1. After your service at the salon you'll receive an email or text with a referral link attached to it.

2. Send this link to people you'd like to refer

3. Referred Clients get 10% off their first Service (any service) that is booked online through this link. (Will not receive discount if not booked via link)

4. Once the person you referred comes in and pays for their service YOU who referred the new clients gets a REWARD! you'll receive an email for 10% off your next service with us!

5. The more you Refer, and the more people who come in, the more Rewards you get! One referral equals one reward for you! 

6. You can Combine up to a maximum of 3 rewards at once on one service! So if you have 3 reward coupons of 10% we can combine them and make it 30% off your service instead!

7. To redeem rewards simply show us the emails at checkout and we will confirm through our accounts who the referrals were and thats that!

This Referral program works at both locations and for any stylist!

*some restrictions may apply to certain stylists, please talk to your stylist if they have any restrictions applied to them. 


  • $10 off on your birthday - Email will be sent as a gift on Birthday and coupon is Valid 2-3weeks after the actual date of birth.

So next time we're hanging out like old pals, sign up to start earning ETCH points! Or bring your friends in and we can all have a great time together like friends!